Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three In The Bed

“Would you fuck Paula if I could arrange it?”

The mind of a woman is a strange, convoluted thing, and the question Janna asked seemed to come from another universe. There we were in my bed making love, no, fucking wildly and joyfully. When she sat herself upright on my hard cock, stopped all movement of her body, and looked down on me with her large dark eyes, those were not words I expected to hear.

“Would you?”

She had me more or less pinned to the mattress. Her knees and thighs gripped my waist, her calves tight against my hips and thighs. My pelvis bore the full weight of her upper body, its protrusion buried to its root among the wet and clasping folds of her cunt. Her hands had come off my shoulders when she raised herself upright and her arms were now folded under her breasts, giving her a stern demeanour.

“Huhn?” My vocabulary when surprised by strange comments in mid-fuck is extremely limited. I tried to push myself deeper into her; my immediate concern was to come and make her come with me. All my concentration was on the matter at hand, at my groin rather, and not on some fanciful possible future.

She didn’t move the slightest bit. Janna is taller than me but not heavier. However at this moment she loomed over me like a great dark native goddess, unruly black hair on her shoulders, bosom thrust forward, sparks of passion in her deep brown eyes.

“Paula. You know, the woman I live with.”

Of course I was aware of Janna’s living arrangements. It’s not often a guy has an intimate association with a woman living in a lesbian relationship with another woman. I had never seen or met Janna’s housemate or partner. Our sexual activities were limited to my place or neutral spaces we discovered together.

“Come on, Tom. Answer me. Now.” A long finger reached down and poked my breastbone.

“O K. Whatever you say,” I groaned.

She grinned like a satisfied tiger and suddenly that warm, wet pussy surrounding my cock became a throbbing grip of tight muscle. In only seconds I came. It felt as if all my insides were being pulled out through my pulsing cock. I don’t know how she moved so quickly but in a flash she was covering me completely: her feet against mine, her hard nipples digging into my chest, her teeth pulling at my earlobe. And always her pubic bone, slamming against mine as her body convulsed into its own climax. I moaned as I pulled her tighter to me. Her response was a series of low animal growls. Then the strain of sexual tension slowly subsided and we lay wrapped up in each other’s bodies.

She stretched out beside me, her body long and lean against me and her head on my shoulder. Often her mouth would reach toward mine for a kiss and I reveled in the sense of her body against mine. I watched my pale hand stroke the smooth dark cinnamon skin of her flank and ribcage, enjoying the weight of her breast in my hand. I tried to explore the skin in the crook of her elbow and at her wrist, kiss her smooth palm, take her fingers into my mouth and suckle. When I pressed my thigh against the still moist hair around her cunt, she moved aside a little.

“So you’ll do it for me if I arrange it? With Paula?”

“I suppose so, for you. But what brought that on? I’ve never met the lady and I don’t think she has seen me. Besides, you gave me to understand that she was an ardent lesbian, that if she never had to deal with a man again in this life it would still be too soon. What happened?”

“You probably don’t know or understand, but she’s been married. Her husband treated her like shit, stomped all over her. She found a supportive women’s group. They helped her get a divorce, helped her through it. She’s been working for feminist causes ever since. She stayed celibate until she became involved with a lesbian co-worker. That broke up a few months ago and she invited me to share her home. The sex was a surprise to her; she didn’t know I went both ways. But she has never slept with a man since her divorce.”

“So what’s this all about? Have you discussed this or did she ask questions?”

“Not really. We were cuddling in bed the other night and I was telling her all about you. Your gentleness and caring, how you don’t ever ignore your partner’s needs or desires. And of course your best feature.” Her fingers curled around my flaccid cock, squeezing it gently until it stirred and began to grow in her hand. “After describing your cock in detail and exactly what it does to me, makes me feel, I found she was wet! She claimed the tone of my voice turned her on but I’ll bet it was more than that. I believe she wants to try a man but is afraid. Then again, if it’s you, I can be there to support her. Besides, the idea turns me on. Watching you and her. Maybe both of us doing her. Even the two of us doing you! What do you think of that possibility?” By this time I was hard as a rock again. Janna didn’t wait for any other response. She twisted round in the bed and took me deep into her mouth, bobbing slowly and rhythmically up and down on the current center of our universe.

Dinner several evenings later at the house Paula and Janna shared was awkward to say the least, even if Janna had prepared the way. I arrived alone. Janna met me at the door in a modest, pale yellow dress that displayed her form but left only her arms and throat bare. I don’t know what I had expected, perhaps something frilly or almost non-existent, given the supposed intent of the evening. Her hair was tucked back on the one side by a barrette; the other side hung loose and straight. She brought me into the living room and formally introduced me to her housemate.

Paula must have been in her mid-forties, at least twenty years older than Janna and older than I had imagined. She was conservatively dressed in a tailored suit; her hair was a mousy dark blonde, cut short and worn unadorned. I nevertheless found it hard to see her as a confirmed lesbian and passionate feminist.

The dinner seemed a cool affair. Paula and I were seated opposite each other; Janna traveled back and forth to the kitchen and served each course, pausing only to eat and join in the conversation. The talk over dinner concerned safe topics: my work, Janna’s work, Paula’s work, opinions and generalities on current affairs and community happenings. The only time there might have been a slight hint of sex was when Paula asked me how Janna and I had met. I believe it was to compare my version with what she had heard from Janna. The whole experience left me feeling like a teenager having to impress the parent of the girl that he wanted to date.

After dinner Janna banished us to the living room with a brandy for me and a glass of a sweet red wine for Paula. Awkwardly we tried to continue our conversation while trying to take some measurement of the other person’s personality. Janna paused in her chores, put a soft jazz recording in the CD player and ordered us to dance before disappearing into the kitchen again. I automatically played the gentleman and asked Paula formally for a dance. She stood and let me move her around the small open space on the floor. She kept a prim and proper distance between us; when I slid a hand down from her waist to her ass to pull her closer she stiffened in my arms. If Janna thought this would turn either one of us on, it wasn’t working.

“Jesus, Paula. You call that dancing? At least look as if you are enjoying it. Move closer to him, he won’t bite. I guarantee it.” Janna appeared in the doorway wiping her hands on a towel. “Here, I’ll show you.” She stepped in behind Paula and encircled both our waists with her long arms. She rested her head on Paula’s shoulder, whispered in her ear, “like this,” and with her pelvis ground Paula’s crotch against mine for several long, intense minutes. My tool responded like a soldier to a familiar command.

Then Janna excused herself to go to the bathroom and Paula and I reseated ourselves near our drinks. Her face was flushed and her hair a little disarranged. She didn’t seem quite so foreboding now, a little less stiff, more human. She never looked straight at me even when I twisted slightly so I could adjust myself in my pants. We didn’t speak but sipped our drinks, waiting for Janna to return and take charge, I guess.

Janna’s return broke the awkward silence. She had let her hair loose and taken off her shoes. Her yellow dress was no longer fully fastened at the back and hung down slightly on her bosom. “Here, I’ll show you how to dance with a man. Take of your shoes, Tom.” I did and she grabbed me, pulled me in close. With one hand pulling my ass into her and the other holding my back while she pressed her breasts against my chest, she moved sinuously to the music, not moving at all on the floor. I followed her lead, rubbing myself into her body, both hands on the cheeks of her ass and appreciating every movement of those smooth muscles. I felt her nipples harden through my shirt and realized she must have removed her bra in the bathroom. My cock began to cause me discomfort in the tight confines of my slacks. Janna must have felt it because she stopped, slid a hand under the waistband, adjusted my cock so that it lay pointing straight up against my lower abdomen, and instantly resumed her movement.

“A man has a cock,” she instructed Paula over my shoulder, “so use it even when only dancing. Don’t let him be the only one to enjoy it.” She stopped all her gyrations except to move her groin up and down against my evident erection. It felt like fucking through our clothes. I can only imagine what it looked like to Paula.

When the tune was over and another one began, Janna let go and stepped away.
Wow. You know what you do to me, Tom? Here, feel.” With one hand she pulled the skirt of her dress up over her hips; the other grabbed mine and pressed it against her groin. She must also have removed her panties. Through the soft hair over her cunt I could feel the heat and the moisture. I wanted to be naked, I wanted her to be naked, but this wasn’t my place and Janna was running the show. Even so, her next move surprised me.

“OK, Paula. I’ve shown you how. I even got him all hot and hard for you. Dance with him. Loosen up that tight ass of yours. If you can do it with me, you can do it with him.”

She pulled Paula out of her chair and pushed her into my arms. Instinctively I pulled her close and this time she didn’t fight the proximity. At first we swayed in the classic position. Then I enfolded her in both my arms, holding her delicately against my body. My left hand rested between her shoulder blades where her bra clasped together. Her breasts felt firm against my chest. My right hand this time was allowed to move down from her waist. Gently I held her against me, not pressing but knowing she could feel my cock hard against her. We moved slowly together, far removed from the urgent gyrations that had driven Janna and me, but learning the feel and movement of our bodies. I liked what I was experiencing. I hoped she felt the same.

A noisy sigh from the sofa behind me interrupted our trance and we quickly stepped apart. Janna had stripped off her dress and was sitting gloriously naked with her knees spread wide, her left hand tweaking the nipples of her breasts one after the other, the right cupping her dark-haired cunt with the middle finger stroking between her labia.

“Come on, you two. I’m way ahead of you. Get naked.”

I stood there uncomfortably, not knowing what to do, what she expected of me. I certainly wasn’t going to make a sudden move on Paula, come on with any display of force. Paula quickly moved away, reached for her wine and took a good swallow. I’m afraid she was a little embarrassed. A lot, perhaps. Janna bounced up from the sofa, turned me to face Paula, and began to remove my shirt from behind me.

“Watch me strip him.” She had my shirt unbuttoned and pulled it off my shoulders, down my arms. “Do you like that flat chest? Watch these nipples, they get so hard when I play with them.” She tweaked each of my nipples with a fingernail. As usual, they contracted and became as hard as little pebbles. Her hands moved down and worked at my belt and zipper. My trousers slipped to the floor. “Step out of them and take off your socks.” I stood there with an erection tenting out the front of my boxers, threatening to slip out of the fly. “Paula. Look. This is what it’s all about.” And she yanked the flimsy things down to my ankles, left me on display, naked with my cock bobbing in the space between me and Paula. Discomfited, I watched her face. She was blushing a little but trying to hide it behind her hands holding her wine glass. Her eyes, I noticed, were fixed on my twitching dick. Janna stood up behind me and pressing herself against my back, brought her hands around to fondle my cock. One hand cupped my balls; the fingers of the other softly moved the skin up and down the length of my erection.

“OK,” she said. “That’s two of us naked. Your turn.”

Paula began to protest but before she could say much Janna gave her an ultimatum.

I glanced toward Janna who was sitting erect in a chair turned with its back toward the dressing table. Her knees were open wide and her pelvis thrust forward on the seat. The fingers of her left hand were tugging rhythmically at her pubic hair. Those of her right hand had disappeared into her cunt and I saw her thumb try to manipulate her evasive clit. She was watching us intently. “Come on, you two. Put some life into it. Fucking is supposed to be fun.”

Paula increased the speed of her humping motion and I slid my hands down past her waist until I was gripping both cheeks of her ass. I began to move in concert with her, raising my ass off the bed every time she pushed herself down on my prick I felt her protruding clit scrape against my pubic bone, a hard bean-like nub against the softness of the distended lips of her pussy. I dug my fingers into her buttocks and with a tight circular motion ground myself against it, pushing my straining cock as far up her cunt as it could get. Her breath came in uncontrollable pants and then she went wild, crying and shuddering as her body convulsed. She pressed her upper body against me, her nipples scraping my chest. Under my shoulders her fingernails dug into my back as if she was trying to rip my skin off. I heard a long sigh of satisfaction come from Janna’s direction. “That’s more like it!” Her voice was husky with her own passion. “Now that’s what I call fucking beautiful! I knew you two would be good together.” I ignored Janna, more intent on soothing the emotional storm wracking the woman weeping in my arms. “Hush,” I told her. “That was marvelous. Do you want to roll over on your back? I didn’t come yet.”

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed “I was so wrapped up in my own orgasm. It was so intense.”

“That’s alright. So was I. And I felt every moment of your passion.” My prick, still hard as a rock and aching for relief, twitched and jerked in the deepest part of her. As I rolled us over gently so as not to dislodge myself, she wrapped her legs around my thighs; her arms around my shoulders held me tightly against her chest. “Go slow and easy,” she whispered. “I think I’m going to be sore down there.”

I moved slowly and carefully in her, setting a rhythm to which she did not need to respond. As we gloried in the slippery union of our bodies , I felt Janna settle on the bed beside us, could smell the distinct scent of her pussy. Paula paid no attention to her lover, didn’t seem aware that she was even in the room she was so wrapped up in the interaction of her body and mine. I hoped Janna didn’t feel jealous or excluded. After all, this was her idea. It seemed to have paid off royally.

Janna curled her knees up against her chest and rested her head in the small of my slowly pumping back. She stroked Paula’s cheek and jaw, then ran her fingernails down my backbone. “Give it to her good, Tom!” She slapped my ass. The shock of her action drove my cock so deep I could feel Paula’s cervix clasping at the tip of my prick. This time we came together in long pulsing waves as our stiff bodies were welded together with the heat. My throbbing cock pumped its load and I was unable to move. The three of us lay there together, drained. Janna spoke for us all. “Wow!”

Afterwards, we stretched out together on the bed, still naked but for the sheet pulled up over us, looking at the ceiling and thinking our own thoughts. At least, Paula and I were. Janna’s mouth was running almost as fast as her mind, talking a mile a minute about how she had felt watching us get laid. Our bodies were barely touching each other but Janna kept squirming as she talked about how she had devised the idea of her two best friends getting it on together, how she really had to argue to get her lesbian partner to even consider it. She had left me for last. She knew she could control my sexual activities, but had still schemed for the perfect moment to ask me, a moment when she knew I wouldn’t deny her anything. She sat up and reached over me to poke Paula with a finger to get her attention. Like oversized chocolates heavy with cream filling, her tits hung over my face. I felt too lethargic to reach up with my mouth to sample them. God knows I wanted to.

“Didn’t I tell you Tom was a great fuck, how he instinctively knows what to do for you when you need it? And I wasn’t lying about his cock, was I. It’s long enough to touch all those places you think you can only find with a supple rubber cock, but the real thing is so much better. So much more alive.” Paula smiled but didn’t open her eyes, absorbed in her own feelings and preoccupations until Janna pulled the sheet away. Instinctively, her hands covered her naked pussy and her thighs were drawn up together. My shriveled dick shrank even further at the exposure.

“OK, honey. It’s my turn with him. Do you want to watch or are you just going to lie there with your eyes shut?”

“But didn’t you, … you know, before?”

“Of course not. He had it stuck in me but that wasn’t for us. That was just to get you hot and horny. While you had a screaming fuck, all I got was a tickle from my finger.”

Paula’s eyes opened. “But can he, again, so soon after?” A look of astonishment crossed her face, as if the idea of a man coming more than once in an encounter was foreign to her thinking. I wondered if she had ever watched the prodigious performances of porn stars, or if she thought such scenes were rigged in some way. I was usually good for several, though not of equal force and intensity of course.

“Sure he can. You didn’t know? Just watch me.”

Janna turned, placed her head on my upper thigh, stretched her legs up beyond my head and gently closed her mouth around the wilted remains of my erection. I shifted a little, not only to make it easier for her but also so I could have access to her cunt in front of my face. She began to suck on my dick, slowly, like a contented infant at a mother’s breast. I spread her thighs and she cocked her leg up so I had access to her wet and hairy pussy. I sensed more than felt Paula sit up beside us, interested in what we were doing to each other. Tenderly I ran a finger all around Janna’s dark pouting labia, spreading her secretions evenly from front to back. I licked her juices from my fingers, then moved my head closer to softly blow into her gaping cunt. I felt a surge of power as my cock reared and stiffened in her mouth, spurred on by the intensity of her lips and tongue. I reached one hand behind her, tapped at her puckered asshole with a moist fingertip.

“Nnnhnn.” She removed her mouth from my aching cock. “Not there, Tom. We’re still doing this for Paula. He’s going to fuck me, honey, while you watch. How do you want us to do it?”

There was a short pause. “From behind? Doggy style?”

“Sure. That’s the way you like it best, isn’t it?” She turned over onto her knees and elbows, her ass higher than her shoulders. She took Paula’s hand in hers. “Watch him. He does this with such lovely long smooth strokes! Alright, Tom. You know where to put it. Slide it on home for me, babe.” I clambered up behind her, nudging her thighs a little wider with my knees and wriggling my stiff cock against her open pussy lips. I pressed my chest to her back, letting her take much of my weight while my hands reached around to manipulate our sex. My left hand held her cunt open; my right guided my cock so that the head was right at the vaginal opening. ”That’s it, Tom. Now.” With one hard stroke I drove my cock home and kept it there. Under my hands I could feel the shiver in her belly. Her firm butt quivered as my thighs held the pressure against it. Paula had slipped from the bed and was kneeling beside it, her eyes glued to the juncture of our bodies from a vantage just beside Janna’s swaying tits.

“OK now, Tom, fuck me.”

I raised myself up behind her, one hand at her waist while the other pushed her chest closer to the mattress so my cock would have smoother access. Paula had moved closer, bringing her face almost directly under Janna’s belly, intent on the close-up of the fuck. With the contrast of the women’s backs and rumps before me, one pale and compact, one dark and lean, I began the ancient pelvic dance of thrust and withdraw. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the slow pulse of the cunt surrounding my cock, of my cock’s autonomous responses. I knew how much Janna loved to be in this state. I wondered what it was doing for Paula, whether she had any sense of what we were experiencing. We continued like that for long moments, our combined heat and passion flowing like tides on a beach rather than crashing with intensity.

It was Janna who changed the dynamics with her request. “God. this feels so good, so alive. But I need to come and it’s hard for me this way. Paula, get down there and lick my pussy. Tom’s cock is nowhere near my clit and you know how to find it. Come on, before I’m too tired and frustrated to continue.” She reached out and tried to pull Paula back onto the bed lengthways. The older woman complied without a word and, as Janna hunched her back, slid her head against my thighs. With her arms around Janna’s lower back she raised her face to the pussy above her, searching for her clit with the tip of her tongue. I felt her nose pushed against my slippery cock. Neglected, my balls lay on her forehead. I did my best to hold a steady pace, even when that tongue at times came in contact with my thrusting cock. I felt Janna’s cunt begin to palpitate and my cock pulsed in response. As we came, she pulled Paula’s crotch to her face, forced her thighs apart, and went down on that slick hairless pussy. Three things happened almost simultaneously. My cock slipped from Janna’s cunt as she spread her knees and ground herself down on Paula’s face. Janna’s face tore fiercely into Paula’s crotch. Paula screamed, pinned down by the taller woman’s muscular body. I leaped from the bed, not sure if I wanted to be part of what was happening here. Paula finally freed her head from the encircling thighs. My come and Janna’s juices were smeared all over her face.

“You dumb cunt! I told you and told you not to bite me there! Now it’s going to be so painful I’ll have to sit and walk with my legs spread apart for days! It’s not fair!”

“Ah, calm down. That immense clit of yours popped up so nice and begged for much more than a little kiss. All I did was oblige. You came, didn’t you?”

“See! You’re so selfish you didn’t even notice! You don’t care about me, just about fucking guys. I hate you!” Paula stormed from the room and slammed the bathroom door behind her. Janna rolled over in the bed. “Don’t worry, Tom. She’ll get over it. Come here and cuddle me.”

I got back into bed with her. We nuzzled and kissed a bit the way we usually do after a frantic fuck to cool down from those highs we reach. Before I fell asleep I heard Paula leave the bathroom for another part of the house. I guessed she was too angry to come back for her share of the bed.

When I woke Janna was fast asleep. Quietly I rose, looked for my clothes and remembered we had left them in the living room. When I entered I found Paula huddled on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket and staring at the all-news channel of the television. I found my clothes still scattered where Janna had discarded them and got dressed before I spoke.

“I’m sorry if I was in any way part of the reason you’re angry with her. None of this was my idea. I admire you. I think you’re a fine woman. I’m happy to have met you and gotten to know you, even in these strange circumstances.”

She looked at me and produced a sad little smile. “That’s Janna for you. Always so in control. I don’t want to go back to her just yet. Oh, we’ll make up later, we always do. None of this is your fault.”

I paused before opening the door to leave. “Good night, Paula.” I didn’t think I had any call to claim that it’s been fun or suggest we should do it again soon.

“Good night, Tom. Feel free to drop by again sometime.” She almost sounded as if she meant it, as if it wasn’t some social pleasantry.

I smiled as I stepped outside and gently pulled the door closed behind me.

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