Monday, July 27, 2009


The young girl knew she was the cause of my erection and was doing her best to enjoy it. Flaunting a half-naked tit at me. Coming out with remarks with a double meaning, one of course very suggestive. Touching my face and chest with slow, dragging fingertips. Brushing a casual hand over my crotch when no one was looking. And now the music had started with me caught in a corner between her, a wall, and the sofa.

The music was one of those tunes that start slow and turn into a heavy beat like that one from the movie Flashdance that exercise classes like to use. She exploited the long, slow introduction to mash her crotch against me, holding me in place by the hips and grinding slowly. When the tempo picked up, she changed her stance and her movement; with wide hips she banged her pelvis to mine again and again. If we hadn’t been sort of fully dressed, we could have been fucking. I couldn’t push her away. The only escape seemed to be an inelegant fall and dive over the back of the sofa. I quite seriously considered it.

But let’s go back to the beginning of sorts. It was a Thursday evening party, Jenny’s birthday party in fact. She turned twenty three and one of the girls with whom she shared the rent on a small house, her best friend Amy, had arranged this surprise party. Nothing fancy or formal; both girls were working and between steady fellows at the time. The guest list consisted basically of their common friends, fellow employees, and a number of single, unattached males who could be conscripted on the promise of free booze and a chance to get lucky. I was one of them; I’d gone out with Amy for a short time. Loretta, the third girl who shared the house, was away visiting family.

The party was good but not great. Most people knew some of the others at least casually. The surprise thing came off well. Booze and beer and wine flowed; people mingled and talked; finger food was passed around.

I had offered my best wishes to the birthday girl, chatted with Amy, of course, and swapped lies with a guy I’d gone to school with. He tried to impress me with his sales ideas but I wasn’t buying. I removed myself from his space.

Some sort of music had been playing in the back ground but someone changed it to dance tunes. And that was when the kid cornered me.

To be polite about it, she didn’t seem to fit. This bunch was pretty straight forward, employed, in their early to mid twenties. She looked well under eighteen. I watched her slink towards me like a jungle cat. Short black hair with a wide cobalt blue streak. Thick-soled Doc Martin calf-high boots. Pale naked legs and arms. A skirt that almost covered her ass with the side slit turned to the front to show brief flashes of underwear that matched the color in her hair.

The T-shirt she wore might have been white once. It was now covered by splashes of paint, esoteric symbols and inscriptions, probable food and bodily fluid stains. More than prominent was a tear from the right shoulder to just about the hem in the middle. Whenever it flapped it exposed what lay beneath. A well-formed right breast, of course. And no brassiere.

I don’t know how long she’d been there before she approached me, nor do I have any idea why she picked me. Her eyes seemed to stay locked to mine; her breast and undies flashed blatantly as she drew nearer. As I turned away from my unsuspecting schoolmate, she slid into the space that opened.

“You’re Matt.” It was not a question. I nodded.

“I’m a friend of Amy’s, I know Jenny through her, she invited me to the birthday party.”

The face before me sort of sneered. “Mickey. Jen’s kid sister.”

I took her at her word; I didn’t know Jenny well enough to be acquainted with her family. So, she has a kid sister. So, the kid sister seems to have a rebellious streak. And for some unknown reason, she’s here at this party. Probably uninvited.

She stepped into me, much closer than polite and somewhat uncomfortable, to tell the truth. I’m not the most outgoing guy but girls don’t usually scare me. This one almost did.

She hooked her left hand into the belt at my waist; no, the belt and waistband of my trousers. I could feel her fingers against the skin of my abdomen. What seemed to be a cunning grin played around the corners of her mouth. Calculating eyes remained fixed on mine as she seemed to make some sort of appraisal.

Uneasily I cleared my throat. “Hello, Mickey. Pleasure to meet you,” I lied.

She shrugged, didn’t take her eyes off my face. The movement exposed her breast, lovely and pale and round. My glance immediately dropped down, caught not only by that near perfection but also the gleam of a shiny miniature barbell that pierced the thick dark nipple. Her eyes remained focused on my face, saw the way my tongue licked at my lips in a nervous gesture. Her free hand slowly pulled the fabric back over the exposed breast, then slowly came up to touch my face.

“Like it?”

I couldn’t tell if she meant the breast or the piercing. I didn’t answer. She grinned at my evident embarrassment, then brazenly added to it.

“If you were the only finger in this room ...” she tapped the middle finger of her hand against my nose, “ who would you want to be stuck up?”

I tried to step away from her and realized just how cornered I was. She curved her body from her knees to her breasts against me, hot contact at chest, belly, groin.

“If you’re willing, I’m available.” She twisted slightly and again that breast was exposed. This time we both looked at it, the pale roundness, the hardness of that erect nipple, the glow of its chrome piercing. This time she made no move to cover herself.

“Let’s go somewhere and fuck.”

That’s when someone turned up the CD player and the Flashdance tune started. Both her hands grabbed my belt and the waistband of my trousers. I could feel her knuckles digging into my skin as she ground her pelvis slowly and forcefully against me. My genitalia reacted as could be expected. Then that forceful thumping beat began and her movement changed. No longer the round swirling motion; instead, a harsh physical banging together.

If we hadn’t been clothed, we would have been fucking our brains out in the corner of the room.

We did not go unnoticed.

My mind was so intent on escaping or alleviating this uninvited involvement that I could not say exactly what happened or how it happened. The space in front of me exploded into a whirling mass of noise and body parts. One moment later this instant storm had swiftly moved into the nearby bathroom. I could make out two female voices hurling insults and epithets and bodies stumbling or being pushed around in a confined space.

I looked at the other people in the room with me. They weren’t paying attention to what was happening in the bathroom; they were all watching me as if I was the prime mover of this drama.
Sheepishly I held out my hands and shrugged my shoulders. As discreetly as possible I edged out of the room, into the kitchen.

Epithets and occasional thuds still emanated from the bathroom. “Sleazy slut” and “two-faced whore” seemed to dominate the loud dispute.

Amy, our hostess, joined me in the kitchen and offered a reassuring touch.

“Sorry about that, Matt. I understand the family has been having some problems with Michelle. We didn’t expect her here; she never indicated any interest. We’ll just let Jenny take care of it, OK?” She wrapped me in a comforting hug, and for a moment I thought of the closeness we never did have together.

We stood there pretending to make conversation, but both of us were intent on the developments in the bathroom as we could hear and interpret them. The voices subsided to an occasional murmur. No one from the front of the house came back to the kitchen. I made drinks for both Amy and myself. Slowly things turned back to near normal. The two sisters vacated the bathroom. Amy led me back to the living room where the party continued, although slightly muted. Michelle (or Mickey as she had introduced herself to me) slouched on a corner of the sofa; most of the others tried to avoid her. Jenny, as the birthday girl, tried to be cheerful but her sister continued to glower at her.

Jenny seemed to be paying more attention to me than would be usual. I thought that she was either staking her claim to me in face of the competition or she was protecting me from the devious schemes her sister might have concocted, always within arm’s length.

She got the chance to get me alone in the kitchen and apologized for her sister’s behavior. She had called home, learned that her father had thrown Michelle out of the house again, promised her mother to look after her sister for a day or so, until her father’s temper cooled.

“I’ll do my best to keep her out of your hair, Matt.” Neither of us needed to mention the it was my pants she wanted to get into, not my hair.

I spent the rest of the evening with Jenny. Dancing with Jenny when she wanted to dance. Hanging on Jenny’s arm when she was chatting with others. Helping Jenny bring food out of the kitchen, provide drinks for the guests who requested them. Only once, as far as I remember, was I out of her sight. She did not take me into the bathroom with her.

Those two minutes were an eye opener. No sooner had Mickey realized her sister was absent than she was on her feet and moving toward me, smiling. She softly took me by the arm.

“Don’t believe everything my sister might say about me. You know there’s always another side to every story. No matter what she says, I wouldn’t do anything to harm you. I like you.”

She stayed away from direct contact, just gazing into my eyes and never glancing away. She touched me, her fingers running along my wrist, my fingers, the palm of my hand. It was so suggestively erotic, I shivered.

Suddenly Mickey slipped back to her previous perch and the temperature in the room seemed to turn cooler. Jenny was back and had seen.

The party began to break up soon after that. I was beside Jenny as she wished people goodnight and offered her thanks. I made noises to leave also but Jenny would hear none of it. During a pause in the departures, she approached her sister and they talked, keeping their voices down. Jenny returned and we bade the last few goodnight.

“You’re not going home, you’re staying,” she told me. “Here. With me. Tonight. Michelle is staying in Loretta’s room. You’re sleeping with me.”

Now I could see no good reason why I shouldn’t go. I’d had a few drinks but not enough to impair. I tried to protest.

Jenny would have none of it. She glared at me, with a slight nod in Mickey’s direction. I got the idea. She was afraid that if I left, her sister would find a way to leave and corner me if for no other reason than to get back at Jenny. Thus the invitation to her bed. I suppose. I hadn’t expected anything to come from this evening anyway.

I spent time in the kitchen, helping Amy clean up. We were quiet enough to hear Jenny forcefully explain the arrangements with her sister, but not the words used. I can only imagine.

“He’s mine. He’s in my bed tonight. You had better settle in Loretta’s room and stay there. Keep your fucking hands off Matt. And try to keep your dirty mind off him, too.” At least words to that effect. With some sort of threat, real or implied.

When that deal had been settled to her satisfaction, she came into the kitchen to direct me. I could sense the cold anger tight under her outward appearance.

“Use the bathroom while it’s free. The flowered towel is for guests. Sorry we have nothing you can sleep in, nothing suitable that fits. I’ll be with you when I can.”

Somehow, it didn’t sound promising. I felt that my chances to get laid had just plummeted from a certainty to less than one in twenty. I got ready and crawled into her bed. I considered keeping my underwear on, but didn’t. I did leave the bedside lamp on.

The ten or more minutes I waited for her didn’t do one little thing to ease the turmoil in my mind. I seemed to be caught in a power struggle between the two sisters.

* * *
I lay on my back and tried to relax. With my eyes closed, palms flat on the mattress, I breathed slowly and evenly, willing all turmoil to leave my mind and body. I seemed to be succeeding until I felt the bed tremble with little shakes. She was sobbing silently.

I reached out a hand toward her. It came to rest on her hip, below the elbow held snug against her waist. All that did was prove she wasn’t wearing a nightgown of any sort. Or panties.

“Don’t touch me,” she hissed.

In the dark I turned onto my side facing her. There was probably a foot and a half of space between us, like spoons in separate compartments in the same drawer. I took my hand away and began to stroke her gently along the back of her neck and on her shoulder, barely touching her.

“Stop it. I said don’t touch me.”

“Sometimes we need to be touched, like a lonely kitten needs to be petted, like a child needs to be hugged. It expresses concern and care much more than any words can,” I murmured.

I continued to run my fingertips over the muscles and tendons knotted in her neck and shoulder, a gesture that was neither massage nor caress. I felt her breathing become just a little more even. We continued like that for long minutes.

I didn’t expect it. She shifted suddenly and wound up snuggled on her side against me, her head on my shoulder, shoulder in my armpit, her body solid against my side. Her small breasts pressed against my ribcage; her upper leg fell between mine. My cock began to rise.

Again I began to stroke her neck and shoulder with the thumb and ball on one hand but she shook her head in the dark.

“Keep your hands to yourself. Let me do this.”

Once more she made a sudden shift and ended with her body covering mine.

She pulled the twisted sheets off our bodies and pushed them to the floor with her feet. She slid her hands under my shoulders. Her breasts snuggled between our ribs. Her thighs, knees, and feet rested to the outside of mine. Her pelvis trapped my tumescent cock between our bellies. Her head was raised over mine; in the dark I could not see her face.

“Matt. I am going to fuck you. I need to fuck you.”

With her face against the side of mine and our chests still pressed together, she shifted onto her knees. The move freed my cock to grow to even greater stiffness. Her lips found mine. Her tongue forced its way between my lips, then backed away.

“Just let me do it all, O. K? Just me.”

Her right hand snaked down below our waists and grabbed my hard cock. She slowly slid it along the outside of her labia, in the creases between her pussy and her thighs. Then she spread her legs wider and brought it back along the inside. I could feel the softness of the inner lips and the moisture she was beginning to secrete. She pushed the head of my cock against her still-hooded clitoris, shivered for a moment, then aimed and pushed herself down over my cock. It entered smoothly, as if coming home. We both released breath we hadn’t realized we were holding.

“Ah,” she said. “Mmmmm. Don’t move.”

I felt her insides contract around me, release and contract again. For an instant I was reminded of milking machines on my grandfather’s farm when I was a kid and wondered if there were special muscles to use, to develop to manage this. I tried to wrap my arms around her and hold her close. She pushed her body off mine, held herself almost horizontal, parallel to me. Her hands were planted firm on the mattress at my shoulders; her knees were spread wider than my hips. The only place, the only way we were connected was through my cock and her pussy. She hunched her hips up and down in a steady manner, as if working toward an end.

I reached for her arms, to run my hands up to her chest to hold and fondle her breasts. She stopped all movement.

“Stop. I don’t want you to touch me while I fuck you.”

I realized that this was her show, that she was doing this while keeping any emotion under strict control, denying any intimacy to the act. I could either lie back and try to remain as clinically uninvolved as she was or turn this into a mass of anger, spite, hatred and overblown emotion with which neither one of us was prepared to deal. So, I sacrificed what little pride I retained for her welfare.

With only minimal contact, we fucked. Or, rather, she fucked me. I lay there rigid with my arms spread and my legs together tight. She was poised over me on four points, hands and knees. The only motion, unseen in the dark room, was the ever quickening hunching of her pussy on the tip of my cock.

I heard her gasp, then felt the ring of the entrance to her vagina tighten around my cock. Most of it remained outside her immediate grasp but it felt as if the head was being twisted and tickled by a hundred little fingers. She whimpered as the quivering became a fierce and almost violent pulsing that seemed to rack her whole body. I couldn’t see what was happening and automatically I reached to enfold her, to pull her closer into me.

Wrong idea. I think she cursed. I know she rolled frantically off the bed. I do not know if the blow she sent my way was aimed nor whether, if so, it was aimed at my head or my cock. An unseen but vicious karate chop caught me in the solar plexus. I lost my breath, any concern for her, all interest in sex for the time being.

When I got myself together I was alone and still in the dark in a silent house. I felt around to gather up the bed clothes, tried to ignore the brick of pain in my gut, and yearned for sleep. It finally came.

* * *

I almost didn’t believe the way I woke the next morning. A solemn Jenny was sitting on the side of the bed, primly covered in a voluminous terry cloth robe. I don’t know what time it was; light was streaming through the window so I quickly closed my eyes again. I smelled coffee and breakfast.

“Do you have to be anywhere early this morning, Matt? If you want to get up and have breakfast, I’ll drive you to work or whatever.”

I’m a teaching assistant at the college; I didn’t have anything pressing until noon today, thank God. I muttered something and tried to bury myself in non-existent covers. I felt her get off the bed and walk to the door.

“Matt? I’m sorry for last night. I shouldn’t let Michelle get to me that way.”

I grunted again. Of course I didn’t hold her responsible for her sister’s actions. But still.

“And to take it out on you when you were trying to be nice and understanding and everything.”

I didn’t hear her come back again. Suddenly I felt her slide onto the bed, stretch out beside me, onto me. She had removed the robe. She was naked. I tried to open my eyes.

“I locked the bedroom door. Let me make it up to you.”

She reached down and took my cock in her hand. The morning light lay warm on her back as she bent over me and took it into her mouth. Suddenly I was awake and not dreaming. I held her head with one hand, slipped the other under her waist and felt for her breasts, then moved to her pussy. She moaned and I felt the vibration of her voice around my cock. It was beginning to throb.

“Jenny. Jenny, please?”

She let my cock slip from between her lips, raised her head and looked at me. She read the request in my eyes and voice.

“Oh. You want to fuck. For real this time. OK.”

She sat up and swung one leg over me so that she was astride me. Even though she hadn’t been visible last night, the position reminded me of that strange time. Painfully, I might add.

“No, Jenny. May I, this time?”

I don’t know if she blushed at those words. I was too busy standing up from the bed and helping her arrange herself on her back. My cock stood out at right angles and she reached for it to insert it into her pussy.

“Let me do it.” This time the words were mine.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, tucked her hands under her head, raised her knees high and wide. I climbed up sitting back on my heels between them, cock in hand, watching the rise and fall of her tummy, the easy lift and fall of her breasts and her chest. When she realized nothing was happening, she opened her eyes questioningly.

I leaned over her. I slid one hand under her shoulders. With the other I held my stiff cock, stroking her labia with it. I pressed my chest down against her breasts. And then I kissed her.

I’m sure she didn’t expect that. At least she didn’t bite my tongue although in reflex she might have. She moaned and met my invading tongue with her own, put her hands at my side, and half-heartedly tried to push me away. I changed my grip on her.

Forget about my cock for a few minutes, I had some serious tormenting to do first. One hand far under her back holding her breasts mashed to my chest. One leg between hers, the other slung over her thigh. The other hand covering and cupping her pussy, held in place by the pressure of my thigh. As close to helpless and in my grip as I could get her.

I began to play small games with her. I pulled my tongue out of her mouth and when she moaned in complaint, nipped her lower lip. Then mashed my mouth down on hers again. With no tongue.

She tried to twist away from me. I forced my full weight on her chest with assistance from my legs, twisted and rasped my chest hair against the erect and sensitive nipples that tried to puncture me with their rigidity. That hand cupping her pussy was not one of caressing fingers. It clamped down hard, squeezing the labia together. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Painful? I hoped not but nothing was certain. Exciting? Arousing? I thought maybe. My cock lay hard and throbbing in the groove of her pelvis, trapped between our bodies.

The flesh cupped by my hand was changing, and not slowly. I thought I could feel her outer labia thicken with arousal, the inner labia push out against my palm, becoming hot and wet. The short pubic hair bristled on my fingers as her hips raised off the bed, pushing up, trying to open up and draw my fingers into her cunt.

The way I held her left her almost immobile. She began to sob in frustration. I placed my mouth next to her ear.

“This will be more enjoyable if you lie still, let me do the work, all the work. Promise?”

I moved and pressed my lips softly to hers. She nodded and I could feel her whole body begin to relax underneath me. I released her, got up and stood beside the bed looking down at her. Almost automatically her hands moved to cover her breasts.

“No, Jenny. Let me see you, please.”

Her eyes were drawn down to my cock standing out proudly from my body. I spread her knees, clambered onto the bed and settled between them. Her pussy was beautiful. As I had surmised, the outer labia were engorged and a dusky red; the inner, a darker color, had folded outward like the petals of a flower. Moisture was seeping between them, soaking the pubic hair lying short and flat against her groin. Neat. Trimmed but not shaved.

The rest of her body was unexceptional. A little padding on the hipbones, a little curve at the belly. Moderate size breasts. I leaned over her to take them in my hands, to feel them and measure them. My cock brushed against her pussy; I lifted to make sure it didn’t go in. I let it rest against her pubis at the top of her cunt where the clitoris hid. No pressure.

My hands were full of her breasts. Even before my touch the nipples had begun to harden, the areolas to wrinkle. I brought both thumbs and both forefingers to my mouth to wet them, then grasped the nipples. Gently I squeezed. She sucked in a breath, held it, tried to writhe out of my grip. I thought of bending down to take them between my teeth, decided I would rather watch her face. I sat back and pulled her breasts straight up by the nipples. When she gasped, I released them.

I moved down her torso to her belly button, rimmed it with my tongue and blew on it. The result was part quiver, part giggle. I dragged my tongue down toward her pussy. In expectation, she opened her legs wider, hunched her lower abdomen toward me.

I changed tactics. I grabbed a buttock in each hand and sank my stiff and aching cock into her wide open cunt, hard and deep with a single thrust. Without any pause, I began to fuck her, in and out like a bunny. The instant rapid movement seemed to confuse her. She tried to push me off, to pull me into her, to time her moves to mine. Before a routine was established, I exploded in orgasm, one that had been building since her little sister rubbed her almost naked body up against me the evening before. I tried to pierce her, to screw her to the mattress beneath us. Before she could come, I was finished and withdrew.

I didn’t pause for any touchie-feelie. I quickly got out of the bed, held up her robe.

“You’d better get moving. You’ll be late. A quick shower won’t hurt.”

She glanced at the alarm clock, slid out of bed and into the robe.

“You’re quite the bastard, aren’t you, Matt.”

She disappeared, headed for the bathroom. I pulled the covers back on the bed, curled up under them. The smell of sex hung in the room. Just as I was dozing off, I heard the shower start. I wondered if she was going to take care of herself.

* * *

When I awoke again, the bedside clock said nearly ten so I got up. I made use of the bathroom facilities. The coffee remaining in the kitchen looked dark and bitter so I poured it out, found some instant and filled the kettle. There was a note on the fridge.

“Matt: I’m taking Michelle home, then to school, on my way to work. Help yourself to whatever you can find for breakfast. Will talk to you later. Jen.”

I found some muesli in the cupboard and helped myself. Someone had left most of the morning paper on the counter so I amused myself as I ate. I heard no one come in.

I was rinsing my breakfast dishes and putting them in the dishwasher when two arms grabbed me around the waist from behind. A young, hard body pressed against me.

“You fucked my sister this morning didn’t you. I could tell. Tell me, how was she?”


“Mickey. So answer the question. Did she give you a blow job? Want to try one of mine? My blow job is much better than hers. You wouldn’t be the first to admit it.”

“You. Aren’t you supposed to be at school? Didn’t Jenny … ?”

“Sure. In the front and right out the side. So, wanna finish what we started last night?”

Before I could berate her, before I could even turn around in the grip of her arms, her fingers had undone my belt and the button on my pants. I tried to twist away as I reached for a towel to dry my hands, but her fingers had my zipper down. As I finally found the space to turn she fished in my shorts and hauled out my cock. As my pants bunched between my knees and my ankles, I reached for her to push her away. She, however, was already on her knees with my cock in her mouth, hanging on tight around my thighs. And it was getting hard. Fast.

I swear to myself that if I had put some effort into getting away, it wouldn’t have made any difference. I would have fallen on my face or my ass. With a small gagging, my cock was buried into the top of her throat. One hand snaked between my legs from the back to fondle my balls. The other grasped the base of my cock as she slowly let it slip through her mouth and over her tongue.

I felt the difference instantly; it was more than technique. Her lips covered the teeth as she sucked and pulled me out of the depths, but there was something alien about the tongue as my cock slid along it. A growth of some sort.

Suddenly all external movement stopped. Her hand held my scrotum firmly; the other hand loosely surrounded the bottom half of my cock. Her lips had withdrawn and I could feel the edges of her teeth holding firm just beyond the corona of the head of my cock. And in the cavern of her mouth her tongue was playing a sweet seductive game with my glans. Round and round clockwise. Round and round counterclockwise. The tip of her tongue tapped or tickled the head, using that chunk of extra to fantastic effect. It scraped the most sensitive frenum. I made noises, a cry, a sob, a moan, or some combination of them all.

I hadn’t had time to think before everything changed drastically. Her mouth sucked hard and twisted my probing cock. Her hand became tight and jacked me furiously. Then she let go my balls and buried a finger deep in my ass. I think I screamed. I came in the back of her throat. And came.

And then some. She sucked and she swallowed. I stood and trembled.

Before I could begin to gather myself together, she was on her feet straightening out her clothing. She grinned at my face.

“Told you, didn’t I? When you want the best, you’ll know where to come,”

She giggled at her own pun even though it seemed to me that she’d used it before, like advertising. She stuck out her tongue at me.

The barbell stud through her tongue jiggled and winked.

Then she was gone. I made my way to the bathroom, cleaned off my poor cock, splashed cold water on my face and neck. I washed my hands. In the kitchen, the clock said ten thirty. Breakfast and a blowjob in little more than half an hour.

* * *

I didn’t leave a note. I wasn’t sure if I should thank Jenny for the hospitality I hadn’t needed or expected. I thought perhaps a casual mention in the future might be enough.

But there was to be no future. Several times I saw Amy again, but was never able to speak to her. The sisters both disappeared, and I have no idea why. But I can not forget them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three In The Bed

“Would you fuck Paula if I could arrange it?”

The mind of a woman is a strange, convoluted thing, and the question Janna asked seemed to come from another universe. There we were in my bed making love, no, fucking wildly and joyfully. When she sat herself upright on my hard cock, stopped all movement of her body, and looked down on me with her large dark eyes, those were not words I expected to hear.

“Would you?”

She had me more or less pinned to the mattress. Her knees and thighs gripped my waist, her calves tight against my hips and thighs. My pelvis bore the full weight of her upper body, its protrusion buried to its root among the wet and clasping folds of her cunt. Her hands had come off my shoulders when she raised herself upright and her arms were now folded under her breasts, giving her a stern demeanour.

“Huhn?” My vocabulary when surprised by strange comments in mid-fuck is extremely limited. I tried to push myself deeper into her; my immediate concern was to come and make her come with me. All my concentration was on the matter at hand, at my groin rather, and not on some fanciful possible future.

She didn’t move the slightest bit. Janna is taller than me but not heavier. However at this moment she loomed over me like a great dark native goddess, unruly black hair on her shoulders, bosom thrust forward, sparks of passion in her deep brown eyes.

“Paula. You know, the woman I live with.”

Of course I was aware of Janna’s living arrangements. It’s not often a guy has an intimate association with a woman living in a lesbian relationship with another woman. I had never seen or met Janna’s housemate or partner. Our sexual activities were limited to my place or neutral spaces we discovered together.

“Come on, Tom. Answer me. Now.” A long finger reached down and poked my breastbone.

“O K. Whatever you say,” I groaned.

She grinned like a satisfied tiger and suddenly that warm, wet pussy surrounding my cock became a throbbing grip of tight muscle. In only seconds I came. It felt as if all my insides were being pulled out through my pulsing cock. I don’t know how she moved so quickly but in a flash she was covering me completely: her feet against mine, her hard nipples digging into my chest, her teeth pulling at my earlobe. And always her pubic bone, slamming against mine as her body convulsed into its own climax. I moaned as I pulled her tighter to me. Her response was a series of low animal growls. Then the strain of sexual tension slowly subsided and we lay wrapped up in each other’s bodies.

She stretched out beside me, her body long and lean against me and her head on my shoulder. Often her mouth would reach toward mine for a kiss and I reveled in the sense of her body against mine. I watched my pale hand stroke the smooth dark cinnamon skin of her flank and ribcage, enjoying the weight of her breast in my hand. I tried to explore the skin in the crook of her elbow and at her wrist, kiss her smooth palm, take her fingers into my mouth and suckle. When I pressed my thigh against the still moist hair around her cunt, she moved aside a little.

“So you’ll do it for me if I arrange it? With Paula?”

“I suppose so, for you. But what brought that on? I’ve never met the lady and I don’t think she has seen me. Besides, you gave me to understand that she was an ardent lesbian, that if she never had to deal with a man again in this life it would still be too soon. What happened?”

“You probably don’t know or understand, but she’s been married. Her husband treated her like shit, stomped all over her. She found a supportive women’s group. They helped her get a divorce, helped her through it. She’s been working for feminist causes ever since. She stayed celibate until she became involved with a lesbian co-worker. That broke up a few months ago and she invited me to share her home. The sex was a surprise to her; she didn’t know I went both ways. But she has never slept with a man since her divorce.”

“So what’s this all about? Have you discussed this or did she ask questions?”

“Not really. We were cuddling in bed the other night and I was telling her all about you. Your gentleness and caring, how you don’t ever ignore your partner’s needs or desires. And of course your best feature.” Her fingers curled around my flaccid cock, squeezing it gently until it stirred and began to grow in her hand. “After describing your cock in detail and exactly what it does to me, makes me feel, I found she was wet! She claimed the tone of my voice turned her on but I’ll bet it was more than that. I believe she wants to try a man but is afraid. Then again, if it’s you, I can be there to support her. Besides, the idea turns me on. Watching you and her. Maybe both of us doing her. Even the two of us doing you! What do you think of that possibility?” By this time I was hard as a rock again. Janna didn’t wait for any other response. She twisted round in the bed and took me deep into her mouth, bobbing slowly and rhythmically up and down on the current center of our universe.

Dinner several evenings later at the house Paula and Janna shared was awkward to say the least, even if Janna had prepared the way. I arrived alone. Janna met me at the door in a modest, pale yellow dress that displayed her form but left only her arms and throat bare. I don’t know what I had expected, perhaps something frilly or almost non-existent, given the supposed intent of the evening. Her hair was tucked back on the one side by a barrette; the other side hung loose and straight. She brought me into the living room and formally introduced me to her housemate.

Paula must have been in her mid-forties, at least twenty years older than Janna and older than I had imagined. She was conservatively dressed in a tailored suit; her hair was a mousy dark blonde, cut short and worn unadorned. I nevertheless found it hard to see her as a confirmed lesbian and passionate feminist.

The dinner seemed a cool affair. Paula and I were seated opposite each other; Janna traveled back and forth to the kitchen and served each course, pausing only to eat and join in the conversation. The talk over dinner concerned safe topics: my work, Janna’s work, Paula’s work, opinions and generalities on current affairs and community happenings. The only time there might have been a slight hint of sex was when Paula asked me how Janna and I had met. I believe it was to compare my version with what she had heard from Janna. The whole experience left me feeling like a teenager having to impress the parent of the girl that he wanted to date.

After dinner Janna banished us to the living room with a brandy for me and a glass of a sweet red wine for Paula. Awkwardly we tried to continue our conversation while trying to take some measurement of the other person’s personality. Janna paused in her chores, put a soft jazz recording in the CD player and ordered us to dance before disappearing into the kitchen again. I automatically played the gentleman and asked Paula formally for a dance. She stood and let me move her around the small open space on the floor. She kept a prim and proper distance between us; when I slid a hand down from her waist to her ass to pull her closer she stiffened in my arms. If Janna thought this would turn either one of us on, it wasn’t working.

“Jesus, Paula. You call that dancing? At least look as if you are enjoying it. Move closer to him, he won’t bite. I guarantee it.” Janna appeared in the doorway wiping her hands on a towel. “Here, I’ll show you.” She stepped in behind Paula and encircled both our waists with her long arms. She rested her head on Paula’s shoulder, whispered in her ear, “like this,” and with her pelvis ground Paula’s crotch against mine for several long, intense minutes. My tool responded like a soldier to a familiar command.

Then Janna excused herself to go to the bathroom and Paula and I reseated ourselves near our drinks. Her face was flushed and her hair a little disarranged. She didn’t seem quite so foreboding now, a little less stiff, more human. She never looked straight at me even when I twisted slightly so I could adjust myself in my pants. We didn’t speak but sipped our drinks, waiting for Janna to return and take charge, I guess.

Janna’s return broke the awkward silence. She had let her hair loose and taken off her shoes. Her yellow dress was no longer fully fastened at the back and hung down slightly on her bosom. “Here, I’ll show you how to dance with a man. Take of your shoes, Tom.” I did and she grabbed me, pulled me in close. With one hand pulling my ass into her and the other holding my back while she pressed her breasts against my chest, she moved sinuously to the music, not moving at all on the floor. I followed her lead, rubbing myself into her body, both hands on the cheeks of her ass and appreciating every movement of those smooth muscles. I felt her nipples harden through my shirt and realized she must have removed her bra in the bathroom. My cock began to cause me discomfort in the tight confines of my slacks. Janna must have felt it because she stopped, slid a hand under the waistband, adjusted my cock so that it lay pointing straight up against my lower abdomen, and instantly resumed her movement.

“A man has a cock,” she instructed Paula over my shoulder, “so use it even when only dancing. Don’t let him be the only one to enjoy it.” She stopped all her gyrations except to move her groin up and down against my evident erection. It felt like fucking through our clothes. I can only imagine what it looked like to Paula.

When the tune was over and another one began, Janna let go and stepped away.
Wow. You know what you do to me, Tom? Here, feel.” With one hand she pulled the skirt of her dress up over her hips; the other grabbed mine and pressed it against her groin. She must also have removed her panties. Through the soft hair over her cunt I could feel the heat and the moisture. I wanted to be naked, I wanted her to be naked, but this wasn’t my place and Janna was running the show. Even so, her next move surprised me.

“OK, Paula. I’ve shown you how. I even got him all hot and hard for you. Dance with him. Loosen up that tight ass of yours. If you can do it with me, you can do it with him.”

She pulled Paula out of her chair and pushed her into my arms. Instinctively I pulled her close and this time she didn’t fight the proximity. At first we swayed in the classic position. Then I enfolded her in both my arms, holding her delicately against my body. My left hand rested between her shoulder blades where her bra clasped together. Her breasts felt firm against my chest. My right hand this time was allowed to move down from her waist. Gently I held her against me, not pressing but knowing she could feel my cock hard against her. We moved slowly together, far removed from the urgent gyrations that had driven Janna and me, but learning the feel and movement of our bodies. I liked what I was experiencing. I hoped she felt the same.

A noisy sigh from the sofa behind me interrupted our trance and we quickly stepped apart. Janna had stripped off her dress and was sitting gloriously naked with her knees spread wide, her left hand tweaking the nipples of her breasts one after the other, the right cupping her dark-haired cunt with the middle finger stroking between her labia.

“Come on, you two. I’m way ahead of you. Get naked.”

I stood there uncomfortably, not knowing what to do, what she expected of me. I certainly wasn’t going to make a sudden move on Paula, come on with any display of force. Paula quickly moved away, reached for her wine and took a good swallow. I’m afraid she was a little embarrassed. A lot, perhaps. Janna bounced up from the sofa, turned me to face Paula, and began to remove my shirt from behind me.

“Watch me strip him.” She had my shirt unbuttoned and pulled it off my shoulders, down my arms. “Do you like that flat chest? Watch these nipples, they get so hard when I play with them.” She tweaked each of my nipples with a fingernail. As usual, they contracted and became as hard as little pebbles. Her hands moved down and worked at my belt and zipper. My trousers slipped to the floor. “Step out of them and take off your socks.” I stood there with an erection tenting out the front of my boxers, threatening to slip out of the fly. “Paula. Look. This is what it’s all about.” And she yanked the flimsy things down to my ankles, left me on display, naked with my cock bobbing in the space between me and Paula. Discomfited, I watched her face. She was blushing a little but trying to hide it behind her hands holding her wine glass. Her eyes, I noticed, were fixed on my twitching dick. Janna stood up behind me and pressing herself against my back, brought her hands around to fondle my cock. One hand cupped my balls; the fingers of the other softly moved the skin up and down the length of my erection.

“OK,” she said. “That’s two of us naked. Your turn.”

Paula began to protest but before she could say much Janna gave her an ultimatum.

I glanced toward Janna who was sitting erect in a chair turned with its back toward the dressing table. Her knees were open wide and her pelvis thrust forward on the seat. The fingers of her left hand were tugging rhythmically at her pubic hair. Those of her right hand had disappeared into her cunt and I saw her thumb try to manipulate her evasive clit. She was watching us intently. “Come on, you two. Put some life into it. Fucking is supposed to be fun.”

Paula increased the speed of her humping motion and I slid my hands down past her waist until I was gripping both cheeks of her ass. I began to move in concert with her, raising my ass off the bed every time she pushed herself down on my prick I felt her protruding clit scrape against my pubic bone, a hard bean-like nub against the softness of the distended lips of her pussy. I dug my fingers into her buttocks and with a tight circular motion ground myself against it, pushing my straining cock as far up her cunt as it could get. Her breath came in uncontrollable pants and then she went wild, crying and shuddering as her body convulsed. She pressed her upper body against me, her nipples scraping my chest. Under my shoulders her fingernails dug into my back as if she was trying to rip my skin off. I heard a long sigh of satisfaction come from Janna’s direction. “That’s more like it!” Her voice was husky with her own passion. “Now that’s what I call fucking beautiful! I knew you two would be good together.” I ignored Janna, more intent on soothing the emotional storm wracking the woman weeping in my arms. “Hush,” I told her. “That was marvelous. Do you want to roll over on your back? I didn’t come yet.”

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed “I was so wrapped up in my own orgasm. It was so intense.”

“That’s alright. So was I. And I felt every moment of your passion.” My prick, still hard as a rock and aching for relief, twitched and jerked in the deepest part of her. As I rolled us over gently so as not to dislodge myself, she wrapped her legs around my thighs; her arms around my shoulders held me tightly against her chest. “Go slow and easy,” she whispered. “I think I’m going to be sore down there.”

I moved slowly and carefully in her, setting a rhythm to which she did not need to respond. As we gloried in the slippery union of our bodies , I felt Janna settle on the bed beside us, could smell the distinct scent of her pussy. Paula paid no attention to her lover, didn’t seem aware that she was even in the room she was so wrapped up in the interaction of her body and mine. I hoped Janna didn’t feel jealous or excluded. After all, this was her idea. It seemed to have paid off royally.

Janna curled her knees up against her chest and rested her head in the small of my slowly pumping back. She stroked Paula’s cheek and jaw, then ran her fingernails down my backbone. “Give it to her good, Tom!” She slapped my ass. The shock of her action drove my cock so deep I could feel Paula’s cervix clasping at the tip of my prick. This time we came together in long pulsing waves as our stiff bodies were welded together with the heat. My throbbing cock pumped its load and I was unable to move. The three of us lay there together, drained. Janna spoke for us all. “Wow!”

Afterwards, we stretched out together on the bed, still naked but for the sheet pulled up over us, looking at the ceiling and thinking our own thoughts. At least, Paula and I were. Janna’s mouth was running almost as fast as her mind, talking a mile a minute about how she had felt watching us get laid. Our bodies were barely touching each other but Janna kept squirming as she talked about how she had devised the idea of her two best friends getting it on together, how she really had to argue to get her lesbian partner to even consider it. She had left me for last. She knew she could control my sexual activities, but had still schemed for the perfect moment to ask me, a moment when she knew I wouldn’t deny her anything. She sat up and reached over me to poke Paula with a finger to get her attention. Like oversized chocolates heavy with cream filling, her tits hung over my face. I felt too lethargic to reach up with my mouth to sample them. God knows I wanted to.

“Didn’t I tell you Tom was a great fuck, how he instinctively knows what to do for you when you need it? And I wasn’t lying about his cock, was I. It’s long enough to touch all those places you think you can only find with a supple rubber cock, but the real thing is so much better. So much more alive.” Paula smiled but didn’t open her eyes, absorbed in her own feelings and preoccupations until Janna pulled the sheet away. Instinctively, her hands covered her naked pussy and her thighs were drawn up together. My shriveled dick shrank even further at the exposure.

“OK, honey. It’s my turn with him. Do you want to watch or are you just going to lie there with your eyes shut?”

“But didn’t you, … you know, before?”

“Of course not. He had it stuck in me but that wasn’t for us. That was just to get you hot and horny. While you had a screaming fuck, all I got was a tickle from my finger.”

Paula’s eyes opened. “But can he, again, so soon after?” A look of astonishment crossed her face, as if the idea of a man coming more than once in an encounter was foreign to her thinking. I wondered if she had ever watched the prodigious performances of porn stars, or if she thought such scenes were rigged in some way. I was usually good for several, though not of equal force and intensity of course.

“Sure he can. You didn’t know? Just watch me.”

Janna turned, placed her head on my upper thigh, stretched her legs up beyond my head and gently closed her mouth around the wilted remains of my erection. I shifted a little, not only to make it easier for her but also so I could have access to her cunt in front of my face. She began to suck on my dick, slowly, like a contented infant at a mother’s breast. I spread her thighs and she cocked her leg up so I had access to her wet and hairy pussy. I sensed more than felt Paula sit up beside us, interested in what we were doing to each other. Tenderly I ran a finger all around Janna’s dark pouting labia, spreading her secretions evenly from front to back. I licked her juices from my fingers, then moved my head closer to softly blow into her gaping cunt. I felt a surge of power as my cock reared and stiffened in her mouth, spurred on by the intensity of her lips and tongue. I reached one hand behind her, tapped at her puckered asshole with a moist fingertip.

“Nnnhnn.” She removed her mouth from my aching cock. “Not there, Tom. We’re still doing this for Paula. He’s going to fuck me, honey, while you watch. How do you want us to do it?”

There was a short pause. “From behind? Doggy style?”

“Sure. That’s the way you like it best, isn’t it?” She turned over onto her knees and elbows, her ass higher than her shoulders. She took Paula’s hand in hers. “Watch him. He does this with such lovely long smooth strokes! Alright, Tom. You know where to put it. Slide it on home for me, babe.” I clambered up behind her, nudging her thighs a little wider with my knees and wriggling my stiff cock against her open pussy lips. I pressed my chest to her back, letting her take much of my weight while my hands reached around to manipulate our sex. My left hand held her cunt open; my right guided my cock so that the head was right at the vaginal opening. ”That’s it, Tom. Now.” With one hard stroke I drove my cock home and kept it there. Under my hands I could feel the shiver in her belly. Her firm butt quivered as my thighs held the pressure against it. Paula had slipped from the bed and was kneeling beside it, her eyes glued to the juncture of our bodies from a vantage just beside Janna’s swaying tits.

“OK now, Tom, fuck me.”

I raised myself up behind her, one hand at her waist while the other pushed her chest closer to the mattress so my cock would have smoother access. Paula had moved closer, bringing her face almost directly under Janna’s belly, intent on the close-up of the fuck. With the contrast of the women’s backs and rumps before me, one pale and compact, one dark and lean, I began the ancient pelvic dance of thrust and withdraw. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the slow pulse of the cunt surrounding my cock, of my cock’s autonomous responses. I knew how much Janna loved to be in this state. I wondered what it was doing for Paula, whether she had any sense of what we were experiencing. We continued like that for long moments, our combined heat and passion flowing like tides on a beach rather than crashing with intensity.

It was Janna who changed the dynamics with her request. “God. this feels so good, so alive. But I need to come and it’s hard for me this way. Paula, get down there and lick my pussy. Tom’s cock is nowhere near my clit and you know how to find it. Come on, before I’m too tired and frustrated to continue.” She reached out and tried to pull Paula back onto the bed lengthways. The older woman complied without a word and, as Janna hunched her back, slid her head against my thighs. With her arms around Janna’s lower back she raised her face to the pussy above her, searching for her clit with the tip of her tongue. I felt her nose pushed against my slippery cock. Neglected, my balls lay on her forehead. I did my best to hold a steady pace, even when that tongue at times came in contact with my thrusting cock. I felt Janna’s cunt begin to palpitate and my cock pulsed in response. As we came, she pulled Paula’s crotch to her face, forced her thighs apart, and went down on that slick hairless pussy. Three things happened almost simultaneously. My cock slipped from Janna’s cunt as she spread her knees and ground herself down on Paula’s face. Janna’s face tore fiercely into Paula’s crotch. Paula screamed, pinned down by the taller woman’s muscular body. I leaped from the bed, not sure if I wanted to be part of what was happening here. Paula finally freed her head from the encircling thighs. My come and Janna’s juices were smeared all over her face.

“You dumb cunt! I told you and told you not to bite me there! Now it’s going to be so painful I’ll have to sit and walk with my legs spread apart for days! It’s not fair!”

“Ah, calm down. That immense clit of yours popped up so nice and begged for much more than a little kiss. All I did was oblige. You came, didn’t you?”

“See! You’re so selfish you didn’t even notice! You don’t care about me, just about fucking guys. I hate you!” Paula stormed from the room and slammed the bathroom door behind her. Janna rolled over in the bed. “Don’t worry, Tom. She’ll get over it. Come here and cuddle me.”

I got back into bed with her. We nuzzled and kissed a bit the way we usually do after a frantic fuck to cool down from those highs we reach. Before I fell asleep I heard Paula leave the bathroom for another part of the house. I guessed she was too angry to come back for her share of the bed.

When I woke Janna was fast asleep. Quietly I rose, looked for my clothes and remembered we had left them in the living room. When I entered I found Paula huddled on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket and staring at the all-news channel of the television. I found my clothes still scattered where Janna had discarded them and got dressed before I spoke.

“I’m sorry if I was in any way part of the reason you’re angry with her. None of this was my idea. I admire you. I think you’re a fine woman. I’m happy to have met you and gotten to know you, even in these strange circumstances.”

She looked at me and produced a sad little smile. “That’s Janna for you. Always so in control. I don’t want to go back to her just yet. Oh, we’ll make up later, we always do. None of this is your fault.”

I paused before opening the door to leave. “Good night, Paula.” I didn’t think I had any call to claim that it’s been fun or suggest we should do it again soon.

“Good night, Tom. Feel free to drop by again sometime.” She almost sounded as if she meant it, as if it wasn’t some social pleasantry.

I smiled as I stepped outside and gently pulled the door closed behind me.